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Hey there,

For those of you who have been following my deviantart, you're aware that I used to cosplay(namely my last and latest cosplay of One Piece's Ghost Princess Perona for last year's Comic Fiesta). I'm aware that most people tend to judge cosplayers and I blame it on the fact of the lack of understanding of the hobby. This entry is to clarify my stand on the topic and to reason out my decision in quitting cosplay.

Q: Why did you join Cosplay in the first place? 
I believe I was around 17? lol. I basically wanted to try it out. It didn't help that I was also in my goth phase. The fact that Cosplay allows you to dress up as the character you admire a lot and that cosplay itself demands a lot of skill (craft, makeup etc) was an attractive challenge for me who wanted to try something beyond a typical hobby for that age. Lol, plus the fact my best friend :iconpa-no: wanted to do it too didn't help!

Q: What was your first cosplay and how did you get started about it?
I cosplayed D-gray man's Debitto and Jasdero…. Pa-no and I wanted to be a cosplay pair and Debitto and Jasdero's visual kei goth look suited us a lot. (our cosplay pic!…). That year we made the entire costumes ourselves and bought toy guns and spray-painted it gold. =D Pa-no helped a lot with make-up as well. Also, we joined a cosplay group competition and won first prize! Here's the link to our performance here… It was the first time for everything: acting on stage, making our costumes, buying wigs (lol I actually bought a wig from a party shop and it's horrible haha) but I think it was one of the best memories I had =)

Q: What do you love about cosplay?
a) The make-up: I grew to love learning new make-up techniques
b) The masquerade: I love the fact that I could be whoever I wanted, and all those character I admired, I could learn to be them in essence. It was also my form of respect for the artist!
c) The challenge: All the props I made, and the costumes, while trying to maintain  accuracy was really fun. I had to research and learn so much!
d) The glamour: I love it when people can appreciate my effort as well as their similar love for the manga I was endorsing! 

Q: Why did you decide to quit Cosplaying?
There were several reasons for it
a) Cost: Cosplaying, at the quality I wanted it to be, was basically unnecessary expenditure. Plus I ended up storing them away after each convention, and my mom wasn't too happy with the additional junk in the storage heh.
b) Time: It took up a lot of time, not only in the process of making the costume and prop, but also in research regarding the character I was doing. Basically, I wanted to use the time to learn other things as well
c) Inconvenient: Anime conventions tend to be held during weekends, and my commitment to church was compromised in a way. I do attend church service and all (even during convention weekends), but the rushing about and stuff pretty much threw my good intentions for church out of the window.
d) Unsatisfying in a weird way: I really do enjoy cosplaying but at the end of each convention, I feel tired and sometimes sad, when people are unable to appreciate my cosplay. Plus, I feel sad when I find ugly pictures of my cosplay online T.T. At the end of the day, you just adorn yourself in costume, makeup, parade yourself around strangers and head home, storing your hard work into a cardboard box. Of course, I appreciate my work and am sentimental of my end product, but this is another side of reality in cosplay most cosplayers don't talk about.
e) Religious reasons: In some way, cosplaying is a glamourizing of the self, which almost promotes self-idolatry if not kept in check. But for me, cosplay was starting to become burdensome when I felt that it was time to use that time and money for God instead. No matter how much you attempt to justify yourself, you are cosplaying trying to find people who'll appreciate your efforts. Some cosplayers may argue against this, saying that they do it for the art, but which cosplayer cosplays and does not appreciate nor feel good when someone asks for a photo or appreciate their interpretation of their favourite character? Cosplaying isn't fashion, it's a hobby created that will find full enjoyment when it is appreciated by others. Which is why we have favourite cosplayers and admire those cosplays that abound in detail. We appreciate beauty and beauty finds its worth through external appreciation. 

Q: So was it against your religion (Christianity)?
Well, no. Not exactly. Perhaps people might argue that cosplay and the characters we choose may go against the grain of Christian morality, or even societal norms, but each cosplayers need to practice discernment in each case. Example, I personally take the stand against cosplays that are explicit such as those typical girl characters with revealing costumes. But regarding characters that are odd in nature with slight murderous intent, I take it like how actors view this characters, as mere portrayal. The difference is that, in the physical sexual presentation I invite people to view me sexually for my physical body, whereas I believe the characters I pick are the characters which I find fascinating to portray and dress up as. 

But if cosplay turns from being a casual hobby to something more extreme that brings you away from God, I encourage you to reevaluate yourself and to really reconsider this hobby then. Nothing is worth more than the worship of God and if that detracts you away, it becomes an idol and a sin.

Q: Do you hide the fact that you cosplay and used to wear goth?
I don't hide the fact, but I generally don't bring them up since most people have misconceptions about them and tend to judge me without realizing facts and all.
 I view cosplay as a hobby and if people want to take it personally and start attacking my character, I'm not going to bother so much about them since I myself know the truth and am accountable to God.

Q: Did you regret cosplaying?
In everything there are pros and cons in making certain decisions and cosplaying for me had its pros and cons. But as I look back, I'm really glad I started cosplaying.

 My makeup skills improved a lot, and I'm so much more confident since I grew to like myself more, and grew to learn to groom myself. Essentially, I'm in charge of my beauty and sense of self worth to a certain extent. Knowing you have the ability to make yourself look good at whim is really empowering. Also,with these skills, I could help my friends who weren't as adept in makeup, and it made me really happy when people complimented them and when they themselves feel confident and absolutely gorgeous. =D 

I learned so many awesome skills which helped me a lot in life. Learning how to sew helped me in my stint as Wardrobe director for my hall's dance production. Learning how to make props helped me during Rag (where we represented our hall to make a parade float from scratch). Learning how to use the different tools at hand, and different materials allowed me to view diy and repair work as something I could do. Cosplay kept my diet in check as well, since I was concerned about looking the best I could for an event so I read up on nutrition facts and exercising tips.

Basically, I was so much more equipped compared to if I had stayed at home reading my manga and withering into a fat tart. haha. I learned so much from cosplaying, and it really helped in building my character and skill set.

Q: Any advice for those who want to start?
Yeah! Try a simple cosplay first and try it with a friend maybe. Don't succumb to merely buying costumes off the net or taobao but learn to make them yourself (it's more fulfilling that way anyway). Basically try and enjoy yourself! =)

My online manga>…

The awesomest couple you've ever seen:

My Wonderful, awesome sister:

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Thank you so much for visiting XD


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xMidnightxWolf Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey how's it going? I saw your youtube video of you inking a picture and I just wanted to stop by since I also have a DA and tell you I really like your line art it's very neat and beautiful. Also, I couldn't help but focus more on the way you shade your hair and was wondering if you are willing to teach me how you do your hair. Maybe some tutorials or a link? I'm struggling on it and would really appreciate any techniques you could share with me. Arigato! xD
Mi-yue Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2016
Hi! This is super belated ><" but I just ink the parts where the hair begins to give it more depth :) ><"" 
Haku-47 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014  Student General Artist
hi just saw you video on youtube and just want to know what pen/pencil i should use when inking manga ? can i use calligraphy pen ? i already have some permanent  pens/pencil put they dont feel right and the lines dont look good. btw i am from sweden so i dont quite get the translation of different pens/pencil so would you send a pic on it.

great artwork btw truly amazing XD
Mi-yue Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
Hi, I'm not sure what you need to use exactly. i'll send you a link of what i use. Any normal mechanical pencil would do. I use micron Sakura pens… You can use calligraphy pens if they suit you! Sometimes the problem isn't the pen but in getting used to inking!
Haku-47 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Student General Artist
okey thanks =)
Eliden-Einhart Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Student Artist
Dear god you drawings style is so awesome! Your drawing in youtube was amazing as well, the scanner betrayed you though. you should add more videos there if you have time
Mi-yue Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
Haha, I keep saying I would but I never get down to making those vids. T.T
Fuzuhi Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just wanted to say that your drawing is amazing! :) I came across the tutorial on YouTube, where you were inking a manga drawing and I thought it was absolutely amazing! Kepp up, what you're doing is beautiful! Hug Heart 
Mi-yue Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014
Thank you so much <3
ppgrainbow Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for the llama badge! Your illustrations are really lovely. :huggle::heart:
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